Last Updated : October 3, 2017

Are you one of the 6 out of every 10 men suffering from low libido or sexual disorders?  First, let me assure you that you’re in no way alone.

These days no one is safe from the health effects that stress, improper diet and lack of regular sleep can cause.  And, while some people are fortunate to have less severe issues develop, up to 60% of all men in the U.S. have had those issues land in one of the most personal areas of all, the bedroom.

What is VIGRx Plus ?

VigRx Plus  is a 100 % organic supplement consisting of all-natural ingredients designed to help men boost their sexual performance.

Its focus is solely to enhance the sex drive. Unlike many of the supplements available on the market that claim to boost sexual performance, VigRxPlus®  is one of the few that stands behind its claims AND is a safer, more natural option.

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VigRX Plus is the result of 10+ years research into sexual performance using the best herbal ingredients used as aphrodisiac around the globe for centuries. Vigrx have been around since 2001 with about 3 major upgrades in the past 10 years. The proportion of these ingredients need to be researched & studied carefully to achieve maximum effectiveness. It is for men who are not happy with their sexual activity and wants to boost their sexual performance. This supplement is used to increase libido, achieve full erection, and the ability to maintain erections.

Clinical studies result after 84 days
Increase in penetration and sexual satisfaction
Overall increase

Results may vary
Clinical report pdf

The VigRX clinical studies were triple-blind tests. Nobody knew what anybody was getting. There were placebos thrown into the mix to determine whether the benefits of VigRX were truly there. The test was carried out over 84 days. This is what the men experienced.

IMPORTANT : It is important to note that the ingredients are used as food supplements and are not intended to treat or cure any disease or condition. Another misconception about this product, that this product WILL NOT increase your penis size. The herbs on this product will enhance more blood flow circulation, therefore it will allow you to have full erection, and as the result, your penis will appear larger than usual.

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What Are Vigrx Plus Ingredients ?

Undoubtedly, VigRX Plus is one of the few male enhancement supplement to have built up an unquestionable positive reputation for itself. The formula contains perfectly blended pure natural ingredients in the right proportions. The clinically tested combination of penile blood boosting and testosterone enhancing ingredients is a sure-fire formula for achieving sustainably firm erections and massive improvements to the sex drive. Below are the list of ingredients used in Vigrx Plus :

Vigrx Plus ingredients

The first ingredient having by this pill is the extract from Epimedium leaf. This study is the one done by J. Nat. Prod in 2008. This ingredient affects men’s penis by involving the nitric oxide. This ingredient’s work eventually will affect the blood circulation in penis then allow men to have bigger and harder erection.

The second ingredient is the Turnera Aphrodisiaca. For many years, people already used damiana as an aphrodisiac. A study also ever conducted to test it to mice. The result showed that the greater damiana used, the higher sex action will improve. This result is from the International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Study.

The next ingredient in this pill is the leaf of Ginkgo Biloba. In this world, there are more than 300 studies stated that this ingredient has the possibility to cause positive influence of sexual perform. This ingredient works by enhancing the microvascular circulation. This action then will lead to the possibility of increasing in men’s erection.

Besides those three ingredients, vigRX also has other ingredients, which all work to enhance men’s performance in their sex life. Those ingredients are Asian red ginseng, saw palmetto berry, muira pauma bark, and catuba bark.

How Does Vigrx Plus Works ?

Vigrx Plus contains natural ingredients that work to help increase the flow of blood to the penis. When more blood is pumped into your genital, it becomes wider and longer, given you rock-hard erection that allows you to experience a desired sexual excitement with your partner. The secret behind Vigrx Plus relies on their ingredients which have been used and proven for centuries around the world as aphrodisiac. For example :

  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract is an aphrodisiac which can cope with lack of sexual drive if used regularly.
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract works by simulating the PDE-5 receptor which cause the level of nitric oxide to increase. Higher level of nitric oxide will increase blood flow to the genital area, and therefore, enhance the erection quality.
  • Gingko Leaf also helps the epimedium leaf in optimizing your blood circulation.
  • Asian Red Ginseng is making sure that you'll get erection anytime you need it.
  • And many more.

In total, there are 10 effective natural ingredients of erection precursor, libido enhancer, as well as aphrodisiacs. The result of sexual performance improvement as well as stamina claimed to work at the first taking of this pill. When this pill enters men body, it begins its work by affecting the nitric oxide level. Nitric oxide has the ability related to the penis. It helps the muscle tissues inside the penis to relax. After that, this pill will help to flow of blood in the penis. This flow then eventually make penis become stronger, and allow men to have fuller erection. On the other hand, the aphrodisiac in this pill also give a big help to any men. It has the ability to booster the testosterone hormone having by men. As a result, the aphrodisiac will help any men to enhance his sexual desires.

To see the maximum result of this pill, men need to take 2 pills everyday. Sticking to the regularity will give a well result any men can see during few days only, even though it is not the maximum result yet. Some men felt the very different result only by taking this pill in 2 months, but some other needs 3 and more months. In spite of different time it takes, this pill already showed good result for any men who ever trust this pill to have longer lasting erection.

Are There Any Side Effects ?

According to the latest clinical recent studies, Vigrx Plus has no or minimal side effects. This is due to the high quality natural ingredients they use. However, for men who have heart disease, diabetes, schizophrenia or mania, Parkinson's or Alzheimer’s disease, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor before taking Vigrx Plus.

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Gastrointestinal Issues

Some men might feel a little nauseous, and might experience some diarrhea after they have taken Vigrx Plus. However, these symptoms are mild, and only a few out of hundred suffer from this side effect. Keep in mind that this will not last for a long time, and you body is simply taking time to adjust to the changes. These side effects will leave your body in a few days time, and your will be free to take advantage of the numerous benefits VigRX Plus has to offer.

You are more prone to this side effect if you do not drink a healthy amount of water per day, so you should consider increasing your water intake per day.

Heart Palpitations, Insomnia, and Restlessness

When you start taking VigRX Plus, during your initial week you will experience your heart rate going up, sleep deprivation, and will feel restless due to being so active. This happens due to Panax Ginseng, and Muira Puama, as these base ingredients are known to create such reactions.

If you suffer from any heart issues, you will automatically be more likely to suffer these side effects.

Serious Allergic Reactions

Damiana is one of the major ingredients in VigRX Plus, and it might not be an issue for some men. However, there are a number of cases reported that severe allergic reactions were seen in men using VigRX Plus. These allergic reactions include swelling of the lips, tongue, face, and throat, along with breathing difficulties, and hives.

Men who are undergo diabetic treatment are more prone to these side effects. Or men who take medication for Alzheimers, mania or schizophrenia, or Parkinson's disease. As VigRX Plus will clash with the medication taken to keep these the symptoms of these diseases.

Soft Allergic Reactions

Some men will suffer soft allergic reactions if they start taking VigRX Plus. These side effects include feeling dizzy, dry mouth, feeling sick in general, or an itchy rash. These occur in men who are allergic to Epimedium Sagittatum used in VigRX Plus.

Men who are prone to this particular side effect are generally a lot. However, these are short term side effects, and will not harm you in any way. This will mostly be seen in men who suffer from heart problems.

Loss of Sexual Appetite and Muscle Spasms

A few number of men might suffer from loss of muscle spasm, but this is extremely rare. Men might lose their sexual appetite, and a loss of libido.

All men that take VigRX Plus pills might suffer from this side effect, but these cases have not been reported on a large scale. These have only been a handful cases so far where men have felt a loss of sexual appetite, and felt muscle spasm.

The side effects of VigRX Plus listed above are highly unlikely, and only affect a small number. If you are healthy and not on any medications to help fight diseases, and are not allergic to the ingredients; you should not have any problem. You should avoid using Vigrx Plus you are taking medications for either Parkinsons, Schizophrenia, and Alzheimers disease to avoid complication in medications.


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Will I See Results After 1 Month ?

Before jumping right to the answer, it will be better to know the rule of consuming this pill first. Form the manufacturer; it already said that men would be able to have maximum result by taking 2 capsules of this supplement per day. For a better result, it is suggested to have one pill in the morning and another in the night.

An early improvement can be seen during the first week. However, it is under one condition; men who want to see this fast improvement need to take this pill regularly. This improvement is due to the reaction from the body of taking the ingredients having by this pill. On the next stage, body will prepare for the changes brought by this pill. One thing to keep in mind is that this early improvement may take different time for one man with another. Some other even did not have this experience during the first week taking. To see the result, it is important to keep consuming this pill for 3 up to 6 months. Different man showed different result around this frame of time. This time frame will be enough to see the result from vigRX.

What special from this pill is, that men do not need to have this pill for the whole time of life. Once a man already got the desired result; does not matter whether it already passed the 3 months consuming or not, it is safe to stop consuming this pill. The result gained from this pill will not go away. It is because this pill helps to build the reproductive system by using the true power of natural ingredients. The ability of maintaining firmer as well as erection will not fade away. Therefore, taking this pill for enhancing sexual experience will not cause any disappointment.

How Much Should I Take?

Vigrx Plus is a herbal formula that was combined in the right proportions to guarantee effective results for users. If you want to take the most advantage of this product and maximize the results you would get from it usage, it is important that you follow the instructions strictly. It is recommended that you should take two pills a day and do that for at least 4 months so as to get the full benefits of the pills. It is also recommend that you start with a low dose in case you are just starting out so you can reduce the effect of any complications that might arise.

Where Can I Buy Vigrx Plus in Stores ?

Original Vigrx Plus only available via their official website. It is NOT sold on GNC, Walmart, CVS, Amazon, or Ebay. There are many benefits of buying VigRX Plus directly from the official website rather than other stores such as authenticity, discount price, coupon code, valuable bonus, and many more.

Can Vigrx Plus Be Shipped Worldwide ?

Yes it can. Vigrx Plus can be shipped anywhere in the world including UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, Dubai, UAE, Japan, and many more. You can select different shipping option when you check out.

Where to Find Vigrx Real Customer Reviews ?

Here are some testimonials taken from Vigrx Plus Official Site :

Vigrx Plus Customer Reviews Chart

Customer Reviews Chart # 2

How To Spot Counterfeits ?

vigrx plus counterfeit

VigRX Plus is regarded as one of the best products on the market for dealing with male sexual enhancement issues. They sell buckets of their product each year. The problem is, when a product gets popular, it is subject to counterfeit products. There are a lot of them floating about. You need to beware of VigRX Plus counterfeit products.

Instead of using high quality raw material with the right ratio, many unresponsible people use dangerous chemical ingredients and start selling them on Amazon or Ebay. To maintain the authenticity of the real Vigrx Plus, the company have come up with a unique 16-digit authentication number on each box.

Once you receive your order, make sure it has the verification number on it (see above picture). If not, return the package right away since it's fake. If the verification code is there, you still need to double check by entering those verification code on this address :

Are They Any Vigrx Plus Discount or Coupon Code Available ?

Beside the generous volume/bulk discount, Vigrx also offer 10% discount to try the supplement. Please use the following code to claim your 10% discount : VPLUS10

Is There Any Free Trials ?

Unfortunately no. However, they offer 67 days NO HASSLE 100% money back guarantee (excluding shipping cost). You are risk-free to try the supplement, and if for some reason it's not for you, simply return the remaining box within 60 days to the address below :

How To Get FREE 1 Month Supply With Purchase ?

STEP 1 : Go to the order page to purchase your Vigrx Plus

STEP 2 : Select the package you want (1,2,3,4,5,6, or 12 month)

STEP 3 : Here's the trick ! Click the Back button on your browser as if you're going to leave the page

STEP 4 : At this point, a chatbox will pop up asking you stay and in return they will give you 1 MONTH FREE :

Free Vigrx Plus Chatbox

STEP 5 : Just click the “CLICK HERE” link to claim your FREE 1 MONTH SUPPLY.

STEP 6 : Proceed with the checkout.

How Much Is Vigrx Plus Price ?

The price starts at $41 when you buy 12 months supply. You also get free shipping within the United States if you buy 3 month supply or more. In addition, you'll get bonuses such as free 1 month supply of Semenax Volume Enhancer ($60 value), free membership to ($97 value), and gift card to Natural Health Store.

  • 1 Month Supply: $76.99
  • 2 Month Supply: $143.99 Per month: $72 (Save 6.5%)
  • 3 Month Supply: $205.99 Per month: $69 (Save 9%)
  • 4 Month Supply: $267.99 Per month: $67 (Save 13%)
  • 5 Month Supply: $329.99 Per month: $66 (Save 14%)
  • 6 Month Supply: $384.99 Per month: $64 (Save 17%)
  • 12 Month Supply: $489.99 Per month: $41 (Save 46.75%)

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Vigrx Plus 100% Money Back Guarantee

VigRX male enhancement is one of the most popular products among men. It has the ability to give satisfying result. In spite off all its benefits, one thing that attracts many people’s eyes is the vigrx plus 60 days money back guarantee. It is true that this product offer this unbelievable offer for the beloved costumer. Further information is on the following brief explanation.

A costumer can start to order this vigRX plus for 60 days. In total, there will be 2 containers of this enhancement pills. The guarantee to get a refund applied if the customer is not satisfied with the result, or this pill does not give any different result, after the 67 days of the trial period. by that condition, the costumer is able to return the 2 empty containers. Moreover, the shipping charges will be counted in this guarantee as well.

However, this product also often comes in discount, which makes people purchased the pills for more than two containers. If a costumer is in this condition and does not get any satisfaction at all, it still possible to get the refund as well. For more information, costumer can return the unopened containers together with the first two containers, which already opened. When the costumer return it under the 67 days guarantee, it is still possible to get the full refund.

Certainly, this offer is such a hard proposes to believe. However, it also becomes evidence that this product is confident in giving full satisfaction for any men. One thing to mind is that the offer will not apply after the 67 days period end. The refund is also limited for one order per customer as well. Therefore, it will not waste any of your money to try this product. It will serve you goodness only, since you can get full refund if you truly did not get any satisfaction.


Vigrx Plus works to solve the problem of weak erection and other related ailments that could hinder exciting sexual experiences. Of course, Weak erection or erectile dysfunction is one of the most common problems that are often faced by men. It could affect any man of any age. Many men who suffer from this inadequacy often shy away from discussing it openly because it affects their egos. In fact, weak penile erection has many intrinsic damages to a man’s well-being. This is not limited to biological damages.

Weak erections also affect men’s social and psychological well-being. So, it is one of the common problems that men don’t like to encounter. Vigrx Plus, however, offers to put an end to the nightmare of weak erection and sexual inadequacies you might be facing at the moment. It is the ultimate solution for you if you really want to put issues of erectile dysfunction and other related diseases behind you.